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Our Aim
To support and advance the levels of professional spiritual practitioners, through recognition of education & standards of training within Australia.
  • To support and advance the education of spiritual practitioners within Australia.
  • To provide a recognisable seal of recognition to all AAS members, thus allowing the general public to identify those in the field of mediumship, psychic, healing, & spiritual teaching, with good ability, ethics, training and reputation.
  • To provide education opportunities through  an online membership, and other resources that support both developing and professional practitioners by progressing their skills and abilities.
  • To teach and educate spiritual practitioners the marketing skills they need to take their work to the world.

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The AAS is a recognised symbol of high level training and education in the spiritual field.  Become a member, get access to these courses and develop your gifts.

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We have specific training in:

Developing your psychic ability
The 'Connecting Worlds' mediumship development course
The ULURU mediumship symposium
Course on how to build your own online courses and funnels

 Develop your ability and learn how to step into life as a spiritual entrepreneur and share your gifts!

As an added extra inside the membership you will also get the opportunity to join the Quantum Ascension membership platform and the associated training centre.

Experience the support and community of a group of empowered Spirit-preneurs all working towards a lifestyle of ultimate freedom, impact, spiritual development and sharing gifts and living the life of a successful entrepreneur!

The 4 Courses You Get Inside!

Courses to develop your ability!
Create a business with your skills and spiritual power!

The ULURU Mediumship Symposium

Connecting Worlds Mediumship Development


Connect to Self, Connect to Nature, Connect to Spirit

Uluru is a place of great spiritual significance, with sacred sites, Dreaming trails and healing energy. Visitors call it many things: “A cathedral in the desert”, their “spirit home”, “the heart of Australia” and “the spiritual centre of the planet”.
Now it’s your turn.

Get to share in this once-in-a-lifetime spiritual event – the Uluru Mediumship Symposium.

Work on line via this training package, exploring your psychic and mediumship abilities, while enjoying workshops, lectures, demonstrations and special events from some of the best mediums in the world.

You will also get to share in the special events that were part of the Uluru Symposium: The Tutor's Mediumship Demonstration & the 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' Gala Ball. 
All this and 8 modules, 21 classes!

So are you ready to explore your own spiritual and psychic talents? Is experiencing the magic of Uluru something you’ve dreamed of? Would you like the opportunity to experience all this in the comfort of your own home?

Then this could be the training package you have been waiting for.
  • Welcome to 'The Uluru Experience'
  • Intuitive Oracle Cards - Lisa Williams
  • ​The Psychic & The Medium - Michael Wheeler
  • ​The Demonstrating Medium - Michael Wheeler
  • ​Forensic Mediumship - Lisa Williams
  • ​Mediumship in the Media - Lisa Williams
  • ​ Trance & Altered States - Helen DaVita
  • ​Mastering Mediumship- Debbie B-Mewes
  • ​ Into The Other World, Trance & Physical - Debbie B-Mewes
'Priscilla' Gala Ball -The 'Girls' from the Priscilla stage musical was with us show, you get to see all the highlights!

Mediumship Demonstrations - An evening of incredible demonstrations of mediumship, by:
 Debbie B-Mewes, 
Michael Wheeler, 
Christine Morgan 
Lisa Williams. 

Complete with spirit artist Marie Klement drawing the portraits of those in the 'Other World'

Connecting Worlds

  • Mastering Your Mediumship Body, Mind & Soul: There is so much more going on than you are aware from brain functions, glandular activity, energetic factors, and the training of your soul! All these need to be taken into consideration to truly understand and master your mediumship, body mind and soul!
  •  Activating Your Pineal Gland: From the ancient wisdom to the current day factors that have calcified your pineal, learn about it all here. You will learn about the pineal gland, its function, its acknowledgement throughout history and how to repair and de-toxify it for exceptional clairvoyance!
  • The Difference Between Psychic & Medium: Learn the importance of knowing the difference between the two states and how to tell which one you are working from at any time.
  • Different Types of Mediumship: A look at the different types of mediumship and how they are conducted and the benefits of working in each different style.
  • ​ Responsibility & Respect: Responsibility to yourself, the spirit world and your sitter, there is more here than you may be aware of. To understand the spirit world and the intelligent and loving people they are will change the way you work and your appreciation of what goes on in the other world to facilitate a connection for you.
  • The Power: The fuel for your mediumship! The Power you generate sustains the links with the other world and facilitates the connection. Here is where you will learn what the Power is, how to build and increase it, & how to sustain it.
  • ​ Surrender or Ego: What place are you working from? Anytime you feel yourself worried about getting it right, saying the right thing, not making a fool of yourself etc etc. Are you working from the heart of the spirit within or are you working from that place of identity. There is a difference and when you know and learn this, the pressure is off, and you are free to become the medium you are meant to be. 
  • ​ The Mechanics of Mediumship: The nuts and bolts of a connection and a step by step breakdown of what is really happening. A lot of time we make a connection without really knowing how we did it or what really went on. Once you know the mechanics of your mediumship you are well equiped to fine tune any aspect of it. 
  • ​Working With Your Spirit Team: So many times mediumship feels like its just you out there on your own. In actual fact we are but a small part in the grand scheme of things, once we realise how hard the other world has worked to bring the sitter and medium together and just how much your own guide plays a big role in the connection. It becomes comforting to know you have a team on your side. 
  • ​ Building Your Frame of Reference: The larger your frame of reference the more your spirit team have to work with! What is your 'Frame of Reference' and how can you build it to become the medium with the most unique and startling evidence? 
  • What is Good Evidence: What makes excellent evidence is it the usually descriptions ages names or is it something extra? Advanced Techniques & Confidence Building: Techniques to develop the ability to bring through those unique pieces of evidence that really make the demonstration something incredible to watch, or that really confirm to you sitter that you really were in contact with their loved one.
  • ​ Technical Techniques to Better Evidence: Names, dates, times, address's all these are things we gasp at when a medium brings them through, here we look at specific techniques to bring these through. 
  • ​​Blending and Becoming One With The Spirit: To prove you are in communication with someone's loved one is a great gift but to truly bring the essence of them alive in the room is another step all together! Her we explore different ways of bringing the memory of their loved one 'to life' one more time. 
  • Stepping Beyond: Using unique and interesting ways to establish a connection. Moving away from the standard way of working and creating a flow of information unlike any other.
  • ​  Surrender, The Art of Allowing Evidence: 'Droplets of God' 'Gems of Information' all of this is only ever possible when we step out of ourselves and surrender to the Other World, the art of Surrender is the key to incredible mediumship. Here you will learn the art of surrender and just why it is so important. 
  • Working With The Public: There are challenges you face anytime you work with the public in this field. Here i will address those that i have come across and how to handle it when it happens. What to do when no one claims your person in spirit, and why this sometimes happens. and so many more difficult experiences. With over 20 years working with the public I have probably faced them all. 
  • Dispelling Fear & Myths: Now you are going to be looked upon as a person of authority and a guide in this field. It is your duty to those seeking your help and those in the other world that you dispel fear and myths. Here you will find the tools, what to say and what to show them to prove that there is nothing to fear in the other world. 
  • Confidence & Presentation: So many good mediums are lost to one thing......'Lack of confidence'! The need to overcome your fear is important. This is a big factor in moving forward, I have seen average mediums do well because they believe in themselves and spectacular mediums never be seen because they don't! Here i will teach you specific techniques to overcome the fear and unleash the magnificent medium within!
  • ​​ Platform Presentation: What makes a good platform presentation, you mediumship ability is only just one factor! Again average mediums can do amazingly well and great mediums not, so learn to present yourself and conduct and incredible demonstration and you will go far in the mediumship world. 
  • ​Trance & Physical: If I could attribute one single thing to the improvement of my own mediumship it would be trance. In this weekend workshop i explain why and some much more!

Master Your Magic

"Inside each and every one of us is one true authentic purpose. Something we were born with. Something that’s ours and ours alone."  
Do what you came here to do!

Do you feel like you are meant for something bigger? Do you know deep down that there is something special you are here to do, yet can't work out what and how to get started? 

Debbie has over 20 years experience working with peoples' energy and knowing exactly what their gifts and talents are. Debbie has also taught hundreds of people to tap into that inner reserve of awareness and connection to the universe and its wonders. Debbie has also worked with some of our biggest business leaders in Australia, from mining magnates to entertainers. So with a blend of the spiritual and business, Debbie can guide you into finding out what your true purpose is and help you towards creating a business and lifestyle from your gifts and ideas.
This unique 7-day mini course will take you on the 'Ride of Your Life' towards a new future!

Build Your Own Funnel

  • Launch Your Own Online Course: 
  • Getting Your Course Content Organised: 
  • Getting Started: 
  • Design Your Offer:
  • Your Visual Package For Your Course:
  • Filming & Editing Your Videos:
  • ​Building Out Your Course:
  • ​Additional Help & Training:
  • ​Mistakes Not To Make:
  • ​Your Share Funnel:

What You Get Inside!

Quantum Ascension Spiritual Training Courses
Once only payment, USD

  • Free Access To 'Connecting Worlds' Development Course: A full development course designed to develop your mediumship ability!  17 sessions all designed to unleash your innate ability to communicate with the other world.
  • Free Access To The Uluru Mediumship Symposium Course:  A once in a lifetime event!  60 mediums gathered at Uluru for a week long symposium.  You have access to the recordings of those training sessions with renowned tutors from all over the world.
  • Launch Your Online Course:  A full training program and share funnel to set up and launch your own online course and share your knowledge
  • AAS Blog: Get access to the inner workings of the mediumship world & find out what activities are currently happening.
  • LOGO'S: Get your own 'Professional Member' to show your support and alignment with quality in the spiritual field
  • Audio Books: A range of spiritual & personal development audio books uploaded monthly
  • Quantum Ascension Platform:  You will also get the opportunity to join Quantum Ascension and develop your spiritual entrepreneur business. 
Take A Look And See If Its For YOU!

What Our Students Have Said!

This Will Actually Get You Somewhere!  -Master Your Magic Course

 "I did Debbie's course because I'm at a stage where my own metaphysical work is taking off and I know it's time to get more structured in a business way. I met Deb several years ago so I know she has been successful in her own right, even though this course is the first time I've worked with her. I prefer to learn from people who walk their talk.
The course was of great value and the follow-up support will be to my benefit I'm sure. As someone who has done many workshops I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one which ACTUALLY will get you somewhere!

For Anyone Wanting To Explore Their Passion & Create A Business! - Master Your Magic Course

"I found the course to be very informative and relevant to anyone wanting to explore their passion and create a business they love. I was also very inspired and it has given me a way forward with my business. Thank you Debbie!"

More Teaching In A 90 Min Video! - Connecting Worlds Course

"omg omg omg I just watched the video... I have never ever felt that amount of power and soul connection before xxxxx and I have learnt more in that 90 min video then I have of 2 years of training with another tutor" 

Get Off The Fence! - Connecting Worlds Course

If you are on the fence, get off the fence and see things from a different angle. Deb's program is great, a good vibe and a great teacher, you can't not grow and benefit from her knowledge.
The support and the knowledge Debbie gives you expands you beyond what you believe you can do or be. Worth locking in now

Aha Moment! - Connecting Worlds Course

Quick email to say I am very impressed with the course so far.
I’ve only watched a bit but very professional and so informative, and whilst some stuff is reinforcing what I already know through my own healers and ascension journey; and intuitive/mediumship practicing, there’s other stuff you covered which hit the nail on the head as I wasn’t sure of - in other words it made complete sense and resonated. Gave me instant clarity! 
That said, I’ve just had an “aha moment”.

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  • VIP Treatment: You will receive priority seating at Entrepreneurs Movement Events
  • VIP Treatment: You will receive, special access after all events to enjoy dinner and drinks with 'The Entrepreneurs Movement Team'
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  • VIP Treatment:  You will get exclusive access to group sessions with 'The Entrepreneurs Movement Team' where we discuss strategic insights and a systematic approach to your market! 
  • ​VIP Treatment:  Exclusive private Mastermind Retreat at the Goddess Centre tucked away in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland for 2 days. Abundance Activation, Cacao Ceremony, and diving deep into your business creating your success! Free accommodation - you just need to get yourself there! 
So, who is this for?
Professional mediums
Developing mediums
Psychics & Spiritual Practitioners
Tutors in the spiritual field
People looking for development training
Those interested in the field of mediumship 
Those looking to create an income opportunity in the spiritual/healing field
People looking to activate their spiritual ability

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Is there a guarantee?
There are no lock in contracts so if at anytime you feel you would like to 'break-up' with us, of course we will be sad but we will wish you well on your journey!

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Who is your tutor?

Debbie Mewes

Founder and Director of the Australian Academy of Spirit, & the Quantum Ascension Conscious Entrepreneur Training Centre, 
author, internationally recognised psychic, spiritual medium, healer, retreat and workshop facilitator, constant creator, creator of the largest Mediumship event in the Southern Hemisphere the Uluru Mediumship Symposium 2017, lover of life, mum.

Debbie’s psychic and mediumship ability has been acknowledged and acclaimed as equal to the best in the business, and in recent years Debbie has been selected to demonstrate her exceptional quality of psychic and mediumship abilities alongside international and national industry greats and television personalities, such as Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell, and the great Mavis Pittilla.

Watch your tutor in action!

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