Become part of a recognised group of spiritual Entrepreneurs, psychics, mediums, healers & spiritual teachers, both developing & professionals. Learn the skills to take your ability and create an incredible business and lifestyle. 

The AAS Spiritual Entrepreneurs are known worldwide for: 


Become a 'Spiritpreneur' NOW!

Our Aim
To support and advance the levels of professional spiritual practitioners, through recognition of education & standards of training within Australia.
  • To support and advance the education of spiritual practitioners within Australia.
  • To provide a recognisable seal of recognition to all members, thus allowing the general public to identify those in the field of mediumship, psychic, healing, & spiritual teaching, with good ability, ethics, training and reputation.
  • To provide ongoing education opportunities through  an online membership, conferences, workshops, and other resources that support both developing and professional practitioners by progressing their skills and abilities.
  • To teach and educate spiritual practitioners the marketing skills they need to take their work to the world.
  • ​To showcase those amazing members doing incredible work in the spiritual field and promote them online to our vast database.

Become A Professional Member

The AAS is a national body representing professional and developing spiritual practitioners. Established to recognise and ensure the highest standards of education and practice are maintained.

Why Become A Member &
 What We Offer YOU?

Training on how to bring your spiritual work, into the online world.  We have specific training in:

Developing your psychic & mediumship ability
Social media advertising
Group launch strategy
Online symposiums
Developing a personal brand
How to take your work from one on one to reaching the masses
Mediumship demonstrations online
Healing workshops online
Access to a groundbreaking new Quantum Healing & Ascension Tool

We have provided for you extensive training in the entrepreneurial world of digital marketing, affiliate marketing & how to become a successful 'Spiritpreneur'.

Each month we upload new training in all areas applicable to the spiritual entrepreneurial life, business systems, branding, copywriting, health & lifestyle, everything from vibration to wealth creation.

The Australian Academy of Spirit provides for you the opportunity to use FREE marketing resources built for you, 

Also we have the incredible opportunity to partner with our Healy Quantum Healing Device that is dramatically increasing spiritual ability & healing people at a cellular level around the world.

The AAS recognises and rewards spiritual practitioners whose work is of a high calibre their ethics and presents them with the AAS logo for the public to recognise those in the field to trust.

Combine all that with the support and community of a group of empowered Spirit-preneurs all working towards a lifestyle of ultimate freedom, impact, spiritual development and sharing gifts and living the life of a successful entrepreneur!

As an added extra inside the membership you will also get access to our sister company 'Entrepreneurs Movement' and the associated training centre.


Being a spiritual practitioner can be lonely at times. With the Australian Academy of Spirit however you will never walk alone.  
The AAS Team and the wider community are an inspired group all supporting each other to greatness. At anytime there will be someone to reach out to.
Gain inspiration, share knowledge and have the support of your fellow Spiritpreneurs!

Spiritual Purpose

Your spiritual purpose is a gift for humanity, no longer are you restricted to just those that happen to come across you in the shop or markets you work from.  With modern technology and the ability to pivot you can take your gifts to the world.

Having an online business will allow you the freedom to share your gifts.
Working online with your demonstration, course or training event.
Its time for spiritual people to embrace the digital age!

ONLINE Automation

Online Automation is the KEY TO FREEDOM! To have an online business that runs in the background generating income for you is total freedom. 

 No longer are you locked into set times or a set place to work from. The world needs your gifts and knowledge and now in the digital era you can package your gifts and get them to the world.  The AAS will teach you how to take your work and knowledge to the next level. Be free to travel to all those exotic locations you have dreamt of!

Inside The Membership!

You Get A FREE 7 Day Trial

Billed monthly, USD

  • Spiritpreneur training: Access specific training on how to package and release your gifts to the world online, Learn the latest in social media advertising, branding, creating sales funnels and running your events online
  • Get access to specific funnels:  We have a range of specific sales funnels that you can use and tailor to your own business
  • Funnel Design: Get the opportunity to have your own funnel designed at a discounted price for members
  • Free Access To 'Connecting Worlds' Development Course: As a professional member you will get free access to the Connecting Worlds Mediumship Development course.
  • Free Access To The Uluru Mediumship Symposium Course:  All the recordings of the Uluru Symposium 
  • Have Your Work Promoted: Have your mediumship work and workshops promoted on this site and the FB page
  • Logo:  Get the professional member AAS logo to promote the recognised quality of your work
  • Affiliate Opportunity: The opportunity to refer others to the AAS and generate an income
  • Monthly Mastermind:  Once a month 'Mastermind' group Zoom session on advanced development or business development ideas and help links and dates will be posted in the membership area.
  • Launch Your Online Course:  A full training program and share funnel to set up and launch your own online course and share your knowledge
  • FREE ACCESS: To all 'Talking To Heaven' online mediumship demonstrations by Debbie Mewes.
  • AAS Blog: Get access to the inner workings of the mediumship world & find out what activities are currently happening.
  • Seance Reports: Get access to reports on different seance & physical mediumship events
  • LOGO'S: Get your own 'Professional Member' to show your support and alignment with quality in the spiritual field
  • Quantum Healing Device:  Get the opportunity to partner with our new Quantum Healing device and change lives!
  • Audio Books: A range of spiritual & personal development audio books uploaded monthly
  • Entrepreneurs Movement Platform:  You will also get full access to Entrepreneurs Movement platform & training
Take A Look And See If Its For YOU!

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Become A Platinum Member!

To become a Platinum Member just purchase the full year's membership.
Get a $100.00 saving plus!
Your Platinum Membership will give you access to these benefits...
  • VIP Treatment: You will receive priority seating at Entrepreneurs Movement Events
  • VIP Treatment: You will receive, special access after all events to enjoy dinner and drinks with 'The Entrepreneurs Movement Team'
  • VIP Treatment:  You will get access to a personal mastermind session with one of 'The Entreprepreneurs Movement` Team' after an event.
  • VIP Treatment:  You will get exclusive access to group sessions with 'The Entrepreneurs Movement Team' where we discuss strategic insights and a systematic approach to your market! 
  • ​VIP Treatment:  Exclusive private Mastermind Retreat at the Goddess Centre tucked away in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland for 2 days. Abundance Activation, Cacao Ceremony, and diving deep into your business creating your success! Free accommodation - you just need to get yourself there! 
So, who is this for?
Professional mediums
Developing mediums
Psychics & Spiritual Practitioners
Tutors in the spiritual field
People looking for a ethical talented medium's
People looking for development training
Those interested in the field of mediumship 
Those looking to create an income opportunity in the spiritual/healing field

The Ones Who KNOW There Is More To Life!
Is there a guarantee?
There are no lock in contracts so if at anytime you feel you would like to 'break-up' with us, of course we will be sad but we will wish you well on your journey!

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

What You Get With The Australian Academy of Spirit

Access To The Best Australian Mediums

The opportunity to have a selection of the most recommended mediums and psychics in Australia. Selected for their ethics, and ability. So you no longer have to worry about who it is you are paying money to see. These people are all experienced in the field and come highly recommended.

Members Training Centre

Members get exclusive access to our training centre where new entrepreneurial training is uploaded monthly. We cover business, funnels, branding, affiliate offers, lifestyle, spirituality & so much more. We will show you how using technology and digital marketing you can share your gifts and create a sustainable business..

The Emporium

Imagine having access to an emporium, the most exquisite place where artisan products specifically created for the Spirit-preneur are available. The Emporium is such a place, items you can get inside this emporium, you will not get anywhere else online.

If you also produce, cards, books, sprays, etc you are welcome to have them presented in the Emporium for sale.

Launch Your Online Course Training

Inside the membership portal you will get access to the training on how to create, set up, launch and build your own online course. Everyone has gifts and talents to share with the world and in this digital era it is the perfect opportunity to package these into an online course and launch to the world.

The AAS Blog

Over the years there has been so much in the spiritual field that has been hidden from the public and others working in the field. In this blog you get the insight into the spiritual world and its happenings. Reports on fraudulent activity so you can steer clear and not associate with it. Reports on those doing amazing things and achieving great results so you can emulate them.

Affiliate Program

This very funnel you are in right now will become your own affiliate funnel. Meaning that you will get your own uniquely coded link for it and when you share it and people see the value and join the AAS you will recieve 20% per month per person of their membership fee. We will also be creating additional courses that you will get affiliate access to and when you share them you will be 60% paid to you.

Online Development Courses

As a Fellowship member you will get access to a discount to the Connecting Worlds & Uluru Mediumship Symposium online courses.

As a Professional member you will get full access to these courses dropped into the membership area monthly.

Your Logos

Both membership levels have their own logo.  These logos are to recognise those that are professional, ethical and those that work consistently towards developing their work.

These logos are also designed for the general public to recognise those in the field that are ethical and safe.

Exotic Mastermind Retreats

The ability to mastermind with those that have created the spirtual business you desire. Developed their gifts to levels that you strive to achieve. learn the tips and techniques first hand is a valuable asset to your business. Now combine this with an exotic setting, relaxation, pampering & luxury and you have our retreats.

Monthly Mentoring

As a Fellowship member you get the opportunity to join our Monthly Mentoring Zoom sessions. These will be a question and answer session on your own development and training and teaching on how to develop your ability.

Monthly Mastermind Sessions

As a Professional Member you will get the opportunity to join us once a month for a 'Mastermind' session. These sessions may from time to time have guest speakers on marketing topics or advanced development topics.

Marketing Funnels

As a Professional member you will get access to various 'share funnels' that you can download and edit to suit your own business. Or if you prefer have your own funnel design professional created for you.

Your Monthly Membership
Helps Support......

Operation Underground Railroad
Ending Human Trafficking

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